Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Raid Night

Today I was made one of the October DDC guides on TMP .. I'm so excited ! We're getting more and more girls and I really like the other guide and I hope we can fill the DDC up with more people and get the ball rolling. :) Friday is my first ultrasound and the worry never ends. I have been pretty relaxed up to this point, but now that Friday is looming closer and closer, it's becoming more and more real. What if I don't see anything on the ultrasound ? I've read too many stories and they've scared me. Why do I do this to myself ?

It was raid night tonight and we got another hard mode down (oh yeah). It seemed a lot easier than before, but I think we all kind of thought about it for the past week and knew our roles better. It was exciting and reminded me why I loved the game. I've been in a funk since December so maybe my love for it is slowly coming back.

Work was crazy today. I got in and J told me to post the docs to the server and to send out the ready notice to all the PLMs. That means I'm going to get all the responses as well ! I have so much stuff on my plate already. :(

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