Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet pea

Today the little baby growing inside of me turned six weeks ! Baby is now the size of a sweet pea and is growing at a faster pace, now. The heart should have started beating. I woke up to this update in my mailbox :

I also downloaded a bunch of pregnancy apps from the app store. I'm officially hooked ! I'm still trying to eat healthy, but I'm having my moments of guilty eating. I've been eating a lot (about every three hours and all the way up to bed time).

I poas today ! It was a relief to see that it was super dark.

On FT, a bunch of girls got their BFPs today. In fact, all the girls who did their beta today got a BFP ! That is just amazing and I'm so excited and happy for everyone. I hope we all have a very happy and healthy nine months.

I had a bunch of emails waiting for me at work this morning (thanks to yesterday) and needed to get my RNs out today. Thankfully, it wasn't that painful, though we did end up doing a lot of last minute drafts.

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