Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Today, our little one is the size of an appleseed, about .13 inches long.

We are exactly five weeks along. So this morning, I peed on my last FRER (cries!) and my last Wondfo. Well .. I can't promise it's the last one, I guess :p, but I'm really going to try to pull back from my poas addiction. The lines are so dark now that they will probably continue to look the same. This was the email I received from TheBump today (appleseed pic is also from that email):

It's a very quiet day today and I'm not feeling as crazily hungry as I was yesterday. Last night at around 11:30, I ate pizza ! We had Thai Basil for company lunch and the papaya salad was especially good (the curry was so spicy today). I almost ran out of the house without my Endometrin since I'm going to go visit my grandmother today (I always feel so weird inserting it in her bathroom).

Things are good ! I'm feeling more bonded with the Oct DDC on TMP (there are still so few of us but it's still early) and I can't wait until we really start to get the ball rolling. Oh, and tomorrow we're going to pay off our IVF (yay !).

Life is good.