Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Magic Number (Delta Beta)

I was apprehensive last night going to bed because today was my last beta. But I passed out fairly easily (I don't remember tossing and turning at least) and woke up nice and early this morning. I grabbed my Gatorade and drank the whole thing (well the 3/4 left) on my way to the hospital, grabbed my blue slip upstairs and sat down. When I heard my name called by the ladies up in the front, I was annoyed. They asked me again if I wanted to have my P4 and E2 drawn. I figured I didn't need to, but since I didn't want to have to keep going over this (and because I was going to have to get stuck anyways, so why not), I said to do it.

Remember that lady who stuck me twice that one time ? She called me in and I saw her and got nervous. But she did a very good job this time and got it on the first try (maybe it was the Gatorade). She looked at me and told me that she remembered me and I thought, I remember you too, lady !

I was calculating yesterday that I needed to hit at least 660 today for it to be a normal rise. This is because on Saturday it was 220, and this is three days after (rather than two). So imagine my total shock (and relief ... and happiness) when Sabrina called and told me that my HCG was at 1308. Holy cow ! I don't know what's going in there, but I am ecstatic. Grow pumpkin, grow !

These have been my doubling times so far : 45.74, 36.76, 28.

I had to run some more unpleasant errands during the day (around two to three) and when I got back to the office, I felt really crampy and not well, and so I drank some water and relaxed a little. I started feeling really weird and ate an apple. I starving again, even though I had a whole bagel for breakfast, followed by Greek yogurt, followed by salad.

When I got home, Chris already had dinner made (did I mention I love that guy !) and I felt a lot better after I ate. After eating, I passed out for and hour and a half, and then woke up for raid. :p

I took this infertility registry questionnaire a while ago and they mailed me fifteen dollars cash. What is it with everyone mailing cash these days ? Not that I don't appreciate it, but sometimes I'll randomly open something that looks like junk mail and there'll be a dollar in it.

Oh ! When talking to Sabrina, she told me to schedule either my first ultrasound for next Friday (February 10th) or the Monday after that. Of course, I chose the 10th. :p I can't wait !

Today is the last day of January. Farewell, January. You have been so good to me. <3

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  1. Yay for such a high number! How many weeks are you? I remember crashing on the couch for like 3 hours every day after work from weeks 7 to 9. I had no energy! I would seriously wake up and eat something and then go to bed for the night.