Monday, January 30, 2012


Yesterday I received my January Eco-Emi box .. always an exciting occasion. :) Below is what I got (Sis, avert your eyes !).

My friend A also told me awesome news - both her and her husband got new jobs ! This is great news for many reasons, including the fact that they could do IVF sooner (that is, if I don't see her BFP this cycle). I was thinking today how strange it was that as soon as the new year hit that things seem to start going well for me (I'm so thankful .. last year was horrible!) and those I know. I am so grateful and happy about that.

With that said, it's a sad day for the forums. We had gotten the first negative and first angel. =/ I get the feeling like the mood is getting more and more sober as the cycle goes on. I think all the girls now have done their ER and we have a bunch of people in the 2ww .. never fun.

I have gotten close to these girls I've never met, and in some ways, I prefer their online friendship to friends in real life. We have shared a journey together .. a very personal journey, and we are all very different, but our short time together has made me consider them friends.

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