Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alpha Beta

Today was an exhausting day. The good news is that I passed out last night (yay!) and woke up for my alpha beta (yes, that's right ! Since you don't actually feel relieved until the second beta, that one will be the actual beta ;)). Then I treated myself to the ultimate breakfast combo the local deli, where I ran into K, the VP of my company (I always have these awkward conversations with him, in part because, well, I'm awkward !) and then off to my semi-dreaded meeting with R. When I got into the office, my awesome boss J was there, and she said she'd go with me. The meeting actually went quite well. He told me that he thought I was doing a great job and that all this RN drama isn't my fault (we go through it every. single. year.) but told me that if I could get started a bit earlier it would help everyone out. He has a point and I do slack. I need to do better when July rolls around.

There's still IV tape on my right arm and it's been almost two weeks ! Maybe I'm just not a good scrubber in the shower. :( When I went to my blood draw this morning, the blood sucker I had made me nervous. I had only women blood suckers to this point, and it wasn't the fact that was male that bothered me, but that he was very fidgety, distracted and frazzled. I thought, oh man, I'm going to end up getting stuck a bunch of times. He was surprisingly good, though ! He also told me that the trick to getting any of that sticky tape residue off is to use an alcohol wipe on it and gave me a bunch (little did he know I have a whole boxful at home).

I've been feeling very weird lately. I want to say that it's like spacey with some twinges and cramps .. but generally off. It could be argued that I'm always a little bit "off" but more than usual. Anyways, then I did a lot of work (go me!), but then I couldn't read my forums like I normally do. 

I didn't only draw HCG today, but also P4 and E2. I thought both of those would end up okay since I use suppositories three times a day and my E2 is usually sky high, but it turns out that my P4 is at 19.3 (they told me they want to see it over 20 so I was a bit worried, but my RE wasn't significantly worried enough to change my protocol) and my E2 at 359. I was surprised that she wanted me to start using estrogen patches, but I got them (called Vivelle). I should have read the directions before I put the first one on. I didn't want it to put it on my chub patches, so I stuck it higher on my stomach. Then I read that you should put it below your waist, so I pulled it off (but I shouldn't have, because now it doesn't stick very well) and put it on my right chub.

I don't mind wearing the patch of course, but it was the first time that I felt somewhat concerned about the progression of this pregnancy. What if the numbers don't double? =/ I traded one worry for another. ;) I will feel much better after Thursday and then Saturday's betas. I went home and poas, naturally ! Today's line is just a shade darker, so I feel better. I kept switching them around and then asking Chris which one was darker and he got it right every time. Go Chris !

I'm spacing out again (but I'm also texting and playing WoW as I type this). Today on FT, we found out that V got her BFP ! Could there be sweeter news ? Now I need S and A and 2 and P and L and .. to get their BFPs too, please. Wishing it for all the January IVF FT girls and LTTTC TMP girls.

I bought another 3-pack of FRERs from Amazon ! That and a pregnancy journal .. and I'm probably going to get the Mayo Clinic book too (I heard it's a lot better than What to Expect When You're Expecting, which honestly is really annoying written.. but I still borrowed it from the library :p). Am I getting ahead of myself ? :)

Woo hoo, Parenthood is on tonight .. love that show !

Thanks Angela for the banner !

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