Thursday, January 26, 2012

Second Beta

I had a horrible morning this morning. I woke up nice and early so I could put in my suppository before the blood draw, and left half an hour before my appointment. Since last time I took the more direct route to the freeway (and it was a little congested and took me about 5-10 minutes to actually get on the freeway), I thought I'd take a more local way to the freeway that is usually lighter on traffic. Boy, was I wrong. Half an hour (the time of my appointment), a few angry texts to Chris (for not being awake when I was feeling really frustrated and pissed off .. I -hate- being late) later, I was finally on the freeway. Except .. it wasn't moving. There was an accident up the freeway and so traffic was crawling.

I finally made it to the hospital (Chris called me halfway there and I was so annoyed I wasn't very nice, which is sad, especially since he surprised me by hiring cleaners last night so I could come home to a clean house and relax) at 8:30 AM and ran inside. I filled out the paperwork and waited. One of the ladies at the front called my name. That's when I knew my day was going to get worse. She explained to me that I had missed a P4 and E2 test on January 14th. My mind went back. I don't even know how that's possible since that was the day of my three day transfer and I don't know why they would have me do a blood draw that day. She asked if I wanted to do it. Since I had just had my P4 and E2 drawn (and I had specifically asked Sabrina if I needed it done today and she said no), I told her no, and so she wrote down that I "refused" and so then I said, "Well, okay, I'll do it." and then she said, "But usually this stuff is time sensitive and it's already way past that time."

Wow, gee, really ? Thanks for telling me, lady, because I'm so new to all this. /sarcasm. I told her I had just been there two days before and no one said anything to me so it was probably fine. She tried to call someone upstairs, but no one picked up. I went and sat back down. When the lady came to get me for the blood draw, she asked again about the two, and she went to try to get ahold of someone upstairs. She couldn't, and so I just did the HCG draw.

The vein in my left arm looked more pronounced than the one in my right arm, so I offered her both and she chose the left one. I felt the pinch of the needle going in (I can never look), and then I felt her push again .. and again. Ugh. I really hate that, and I haven't had a bad blood draw in a while (at least, not this IVF cycle). I offered her the other arm (my beat up right arm). She took out the needle, then started pushing on the side of my left arm and said she would try to get a vein there.

I started to panic, because I have never been stuck on the side of the arm before. I was going to say something, but I kind of shoved my right arm in her face and she used my right arm. That one worked first time. I came back to work and made up with Chris (yay). Then I waited.

I just got the results back. Last time, it was 43, and HCG is supposed to double every 48-72 hours, so I was looking for 86. I had hoped that it would be in the hundreds, but it came back at 89. I'm happy. At least it's doubling, although still low. I just can't help but worry. It's amazing to know that I -can- get pregnant (finally!), but I hope that I can carry it through to term. The worry never ends. :)

I'm waiting for the IVF nurse to call me now to ask her some questions and hear what she has to say. Thankfully, work isn't bad right now (it should be). Today, I get my shipment from Amazon ! May poas later. Today is the first day of my missed period.

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