Monday, January 2, 2012

1st u/s appointment

For anyone who is going through IVF, we all look forward to ultrasound appointments ! That's when we can see what is going on inside and how we are responding. I had a great appointment today.I had 8 follicles on the right side measuring mostly 6 mm, though some were 5 mm and there have been a 4 mm. On the left side, even more follicles ! This is usually the case as I can feel my left ovary a lot more than my right one. There were two 8.+ ones, a bunch of 6 mm, some 5 mm and some 4 mm. I feel very lucky and thankful. I hope that all my follicles continue to grow at an even pace. <3

My lining today was at 6 mm. E2 = 552 and we are reducing the amount of Follistim I will be using to 100 iu for two days (until my next appointment). It looks like I'll be having every other day ultrasounds and blood work from here on out. My poor veins !

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