Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fertilization report

I could not wait for the embryologist to call me this morning ! I went back to work and I am feeling good, but I've been obsessively checking my phone to make sure I didn't miss a call (horrible reception here) and around 10:30 AM, the call came.

I am so sorry to say that I can't remember the name of the embryologist that called me (I want to say Ronald?) because he was also the one who ended up being there when we did the ET and he was great. He told me that out of the 8 we had ICSI, 6 fertilized. Out of the 18 others, 10 fertilized. These were great numbers and I was ecstatic. I called Chris to share the news.

We will not get an update tomorrow and we have a tentative appointment on Saturday at 10:30 AM to do a three day transfer. Grow, my sixteen little embabies. I love you already.

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