Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's hump day ! Except .. I can't hump anything (sad, doctor's orders). That's probably TMI. :p Today was a pretty relaxing day, even though I'm freaking myself out. I woke up and poas (I did think about not doing it !) and my FRER was lighter than yesterday's. :( That really freaked me out. I had also tested with a Wondfo. This pee was probably the most concentrated out of the three days I've tested and so I thought that the line would be extra dark. I was brushing my teeth watching the lines develop and noticed that it was light. Hmm. I squinted. I grabbed the other two tests (yesterday's was quite a bit darker). Chris, probably noticing that I seemed somewhat panicked, told me that the Wondfo was darker today than yesterday's. I think he's right, but still ...

V went in for her beta today and it came back at 191. I am thrilled for her ! She tested at 10dp3dt and I thought about how her beta was so high and mine was so low. This also alarmed me because then I started googling and saw that a lot of beta numbers were in the hundred at 13 dpo. Well, there really is no sense in freaking out (but I am anyways). I'll just hope that I implanted late. We'll find out tomorrow at my second beta.

Today was a pretty unproductive day. I didn't do much at work, and my boss left at 2:15 PM, and so I gave myself a break and left at 3 PM to go to my grandmother's place. We chatted for a while and I caught up on some internet errands. We don't normally eat until seven here, and by five I was starving. I'm also very sleepy.

I can't wait to go home and to take a nice hot shower. I wore a skirt today because I felt dirty wearing the same pair of jeans over and over (yesterday I wore my Lulu's though) and flats and so there was no room for socks. My feet are cold ! So the plan is to go home, take a nice hot shower and then to veg out with my heat pad in bed, watch Revenge, and check my forums.

Let's see .. what news to report today ? A had another super dark OPK (oh please let this be it for her) and a bunch of girls are waiting to test, retrieve or transfer. Infertility can be so lonely. I'm glad we have each other.


  1. I've heard of girls that started in the single digits (yes, under 10) and ended up with babies. I'm not one to give false hopes but try not to worry. And if it's not too much bother could you dream about me being pregnant again please? I'm probably not going to handle a BFN very well. I will probably tell the whole board to screw themselves and just disappear. I sure hope I don't do that.

    1. I hope nothing gives you the reason to think about disappearing .. that would make me extremely sad ! :( I will try to dream that dream again. :) It was so sweet because we were eating ice cream together and it didn't seem weird at all. Thank you for the reassurance. You are so sweet and I want this BFP for you -so- badly, you have no idea. I cannot even imagine another outcome. <3