Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year ! Today marks the beginning of the year of the dragon, a very auspicious year, supposedly (can't disagree). It is mostly agreed that it is the luckiest of all twelve signs, and it's considered lucky to have a son born in this year. Last night, we went to celebrate the new year with my family and my mom, grandmother and aunt all said (in not so many words) that they hope it will be THE year for me. Little did they know ...

I've never been very good at keeping secrets, but then again, I'm not very good at POAS either and I held out pretty well ! This is one secret I'm determined to keep at least for a little while. I just want to have peace in my own mind that I don't think it will end in heartbreak.

I couldn't sleep at all last night. I started thinking about everything going on in my life right now and then no matter how hard I tried, I just tossed and turned. Chris has no problems, of course ! I'm so envious of that guy.. he can sleep anywhere. Part of what I was thinking was, what if tomorrow there no line ? What if there is ? I kept telling myself to hold in my pee, too, which made me want to go more.

Around 7 AM, I had had enough, and Chris's alarm went off, and so I immediately started telling him how bored I was the whole night and how he should have entertained me (seriously!). He said, "Go pee on the stuff so I can see it before I go off to work!" so I jumped out of bed, grabbed this plastic Panera cup I took a few months ago, peed in it, and then crawled back into bed with it (have you seen the sheer panic on a guy's face when they think you're going to spill urine on them?).

I peed on an IC (Internet Cheapie), FRER (First Response Early Response) and CB Digital (Clearblue Digital). That's in order of sensitivity, I think. We watched the news and then Chris looked .. and he had a big smile on his face so I looked .. and there were two lines for the line tests, and it said "Pregnant" on the digital. I had never seen two  lines on an FRER or the "Pregnant" before.

Of course, I made Chris pose with the two sticks and he did some really funny ones where he looked like he was freaking out (in a bad way) over the results (he looks like he's screaming) .. can't wait to start a scrapbook for this.

I emailed my RE to confess that I had been testing early and she said she would move my beta up to tomorrow (didn't even know I had one Wednesday) so we'll see what the numbers look like tomorrow. :)

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  1. Okay so I added you to my google reader and is it bad that I get more excited to see that you blogged more than my family members? Even though I already know most of it from the board! And hello you should post the funny pictures of Chris. I'm so glad you got your BFP right at the beginning of the year of the dragon and way to go on keeping the secret!!