Monday, January 16, 2012

Egg Transfer

I don't know how I remained calm these past few days. In fact, I feel strangely calm. I woke up at 8:30 AM to get to a 9:30 AM acupuncture session. Then I drove myself to VASC (Chris met me there). We got there around 10:30 AM for our 11:20 AM appointment. We were in such a good mood, and this time when we went back, we were placed in the middle of the three sectioned off areas. We were joking around waiting to hear what embryos we still had (I was hoping for six). Julie was there again (yay Julie!) and since there weren't that many questions to ask this time, Chris and I spent most of the time waiting just amusing ourselves. Dr. T was running late again (more than half an hour this time) and so we began to eavesdrop on the conversations next to us. We determined that both side just had egg retrievals. The lady on the right appeared to be by herself (or with a girlfriend). The couple on the left, who we could hear more clearly because we were closer to them, were waiting for their doctor to come tell them how the egg retrieval went. Chris was laughing at one point because the girl was mumbling something and the guy said, "Don't talk. You have a mask over your face." HAHA.

Well, their doctor came, and right away I knew it was not good news. I feel like when your doctor sees you and doesn't immediately sound enthusiastic that something was wrong, and in their case, they retrieved no eggs. The lady began to cry, these awful heartbroken sobs, and Chris and I got very quiet because the mood turned so solemn and I felt terrible for her. I cannot even imagine the disappointment, and she cried for at least the 45 minutes we were waiting there.

It made me think of when Dr. T came to tell me about my eggs. She said that they had slid out very easily and so it didn't seem to be an egg quality issue. For so long now, it seems that we have been trying to diagnose me, and IVF was supposed to be the tell-all of what was wrong with me, as opposed to an unexplained infertility diagnosis. Then, when we were waiting for the fertilization reports, we feared that they wouldn't fertilize and that fertilization was our issue. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. Then, we feared that they wouldn't grow normally. We were blessed that that was also not the issue.

Dr. T finally showed and the embryologist (the one who called me the first day) showed up and they told us that we still had seven perfect embryos (IVF: 3x4A, 2x4B; ICSI: 1x4A, 2x4B). We walked into the room (I was laughing hysterically because they made Chris wear this see through clean room looking suit with booties and a hair net) and got to see the two we were transferring (we froze five embsicles)! They were so beautiful and perfectly round and small. We also saw when they were dropped into my uterus. They looked like tiny little bubbles.

And just like that .. I'm PUPO !

I forgot to mention that they had me drink Gatorade in preparation for the ET, and then when Dr. T ended up being so late, I opted not to go "a little" (because how can you stop once you go a little!) and so I wanted to explode by the time ET was finished. I had to stay lying down with my feet propped up for 15 minutes, but then Chris was like, "Go go go!" and it felt sooo good. I did go to acupuncture again afterward.

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