Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Egg Retrieval

I can't believe that I slept last night. The date is 1/11/12. I was nervous. I was excited. I was .. a little bit of everything, I suppose. We woke up early and drove to VASC together and checked in. It was the same place we went to meet Dr. Kim when we were interviewing him and then a lady from the lab came and got us. We walked down the hallway, made a right, then a left, and there we were. It was a very simple room with three sections rooms separated with curtains and we were in the right most one. This wonderful nurse, Julie (I adore her!), came and put my bracelet on and asked me a bunch of questions. I got into the gown, put on the gray socks they gave me, the hair net thing, and sat on the gurney and waited. There really were a lot of questions. Chris sat to my right. Dr. T was running half an hour behind and so there was a brief period where we were left alone with no questions to answer. We met the embryologist (Jen), the operating room nurse (can't remember her name right now), and the anesthesiologist.

The absolute worst part was when the IV went in. I knew it was going to happen, and Julie even joked with Chris whether he was a fainter because she said she had lost some husbands at that point. She was great, though. She numbed the area first and so I didn't feel the IV go in. It was just the thought that made me feel light headed. Afterward, she put the tape on and explained that there was no actual needle in my arm. She showed us this contraption where you use the needle to get into the vein but then you insert a small plastic tube in there so the patient can still bend their arms. It was neat ! I wish the tape was white, though, because I didn't like being able to see where it went into my arm. Oh well.

When Dr. T arrived, they had me empty my bladder again and then I walked myself into the operating room. It looked like a space laboratory and they undid my gown :( and had me sit up on the operating table (this would be the same room and table later used for ET). They asked me to scoot up on the table... and that was the last thing I remembered.

I woke up to see Chris peering at me from the left. I felt good ! I wasn't in pain though my ovaries had been throbbing a bit for the past few days. She gave me two Tylenol and I took them. She talked for a bit and then told me if I could use the restroom then I could go. There were a whole bunch of discharge instructions. The most useful one was that I shouldn't have anything but Gatorade or whey protein to drink. I had already been doing this, but still drinking a lot of water at work. That was a mistake. It turns out that water is too pure and can be absorbed by the ovaries.

Ah, I should probably mention that we retrieved 26 eggs ! Out of those, only 16 of those were mature, Jen said, and I asked if it was possible for them to mature before fertilization. She said yes. We opted to ICSI 8 of them (I should mention that we decided to split ICSI before this date because after thinking about it, we didn't want to even risk not having anything and we didn't know if fertilization was an issue, even if his sperm wasn't). We won't get a fertilization report until tomorrow. Fingers crossed !

Julie put me in a wheelchair (she had to, she said) and wheeled me to Chris's car. I took the pair of socks. :( Then we went home and I just sat in bed and watched TV and browsed the internet for the rest of the day (so pretty much like usual). :p

I did feel kind of a dull ache in my ovaries area so I've been drinking my Gatorade.

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