Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

We woke up early and I started cleaning (lightly). Then we met up with my mom and grandmother for lunch at this really good Chinese restaurant near us and the fish is -so- good there. I probably ate more than I should have (at one point, Chris was like, are you supposed to be eating so much fish ? What about the mercury ?) but I couldn't stop myself.

It's weird that I still don't feel much different. I've been pretty bloated for a while now and I still have cramps (and sometimes I think the ladies are growing), but for the most part I feel like I always have. Only five more days until we see the pumpkin seed for the first time ! I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

We saw something crazy on the way home. We were driving along when I said, "Do you smell gas ?". I have a really bad sense of smell so it alarmed me that I could smell it. I was afraid it was coming from our car because we just realized that someone had rear ended Chris's car and took off (his bumper is misaligned on the passenger side :(). Chris looked around and saw that there was a huge puddle of gas, then looked at the car in the lane to our left .. it was leaking gas at a very fast pace (and driving ahead of us). S/he must have trailed a line of gas for a long time, and I really hope no one flicks a cigarette somewhere into that line because then it would be a wall of fire !

The house is clean now (we even got rid of the like 30 pairs of shoes outside our front door, thanks Chris !) and we're just waiting for Mom to come. I asked that she come a little bit early but she said she still had some stuff to do. I'm anxious. I don't even know how I would work it into the conversation ! My current plan is to ask if she wanted to see what I was working on yesterday and just to hand the card to her. I'm not sure if the card is obvious enough (even though Chris said she'll see the stork before anything else and understand).

I did get to poas today since we're going to reveal it to my mom. :D It was a CB digital and it didn't take long for it to come up at all. I also have the photos and stamps ready to go. Now just the wait !

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